Friday, February 29, 2008

Having caught a late night movie at a theater in the area, Bob had dropped off his friend, Todd, and decided to take a deserted country road back to his home. At about 1:45AM on Jan 21st, Bob was stunned as something otherworldly suddenly appeared from behind a tree on his left. Slamming on his brakes, less than 20 feet ahead of him, a gaunt, long-legged creature was caught in the high beams of his headlights. The hairless, long-fingered entity darted across the road in less than 2 seconds flat, surprising him further! However, the real shock came when it paused under the yellow light from a streetlamp, and turned to glance right at him!

Bob maintains this being then resumed its fast, sliding strides. He watched as it moved through a partially open driveway gate to his right. Then, within a few moments, Bob reported that it vanished into the wooded area of the field to his right.

It was so difficult for Bob to witness this thing, at such close range, that he related that he was dazed for a week. Out of a fear people would think he was crazy, Bob only told his friend, Todd, couple of days later. For his part, Todd is a graphic artist, and successfully worked with Bob to create the illustration of the thing I've termed, the "Creature of Copper Canyon" (Texas).

The amazing thing to me as founder of DAPS, is that my wife and I both witnessed a glowing, amber colored, chevron shaped object zoom through the sky, like a stone skipping across the surface of water. The reason that's even more amazing is that our UFO sighting took place within hours of the sighting of the Creature of Copper Canyon! For our part, we filed an official report of our UFO sighting on January 21st, which may be viewed as a case report at

I hope our observations and my own research into this bizarre chain of events may engender others to come forward and share what they know.

Lance Oliver's The Creature of Copper Canyon & Discussion Forum


  1. Thank you for posting this. Can you tell by the picture what the feet are like? I got photos of tracks made by a 3 toed creature after a ufo landed near us. The being was seen by several people. I didn't personally get to see it, but my daughter got a photo of it.

  2. Lance Oliver posted this at You can find more info and Lance Oliver's e-mail address by clicking on the "Creature of Copper Canyon" link.

  3. Hi,

    Since I first posted the picture on C2C, I've gotten quite a few reports and inquiries. The current total number of people that have reported this type of being has risen to 7.

    I've dedicated a forum to discuss these strange beings, as well as UFOs...

    Lance, Founder
    Denton Area Paranormal Society

  4. Hi,

    The Denton Area Paranormal Society (DAPS) now has a page on Facebook -

    For the full account and research involving the Creature of Copper Canyon, I invite you to check out the UFO Casebook forum created for it -

    Lastly, Brad Steiger also published the incident in his book -

    Keep Your Eyes Peeled!


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